Do you feel deflated and lost with your business?

Are you exhausted with the thought of another day?

At the same time are you not sure it is time to close your business?​

Are you ready to get a regular 9 to 5 job, where other people have to worry about the strategy, marketing, management and everything else?​

Before you do that, first let's talk.

I want you to know you are not alone. All business owners go through times where they wonder if they are on the right path.

Over the years I have learned that one of the hardest things in business is this: the longer you're in business, the easier it is to get disillusioned with your business.

You might think that would be odd, because you've been in business. You should be on the right path and making progress.

But we all evolve, we all change. Our businesses grow, society grows.

And sometimes things get out of line.

So you need to slow down and take a peak in to what you really want.

Get in touch with who you are, who the business is, who the world is. Today and not back when you started your business.

Closing a business is hard. (I have done that)

Starting a business is hard.

You should not make either decision on a whim because of a bad week, month or even year.

Instead slow down, do some sour searching and some business evaluating.

Not sure how to do that?

I can help!

Introducing Business Closure Coaching

In this package you get:


3 - 1-on-1 coaching sessions. Each session is about 60 minutes. Plus email access between sessions.


A set of self exploration worksheets so you know what you want from life.

Profit & Loss Review

I will review your financials to make sure that it is financially feasible to stay in business.

Business Decisions Questions

This list of questions will help you understand more about your business and what you want it to be.

Ready to explore what your business future looks like?

Let's chat first. Schedule a 20 minute call with me to make sure we are a good fit and this is the right package for you.

Bernard M., CEO

"Andrea takes the time to really listen and ask probing questions."

My Story....

I have been self employed since 2002. I love working for myself.

Yet in 2015, working on my third business I hit a wall. My passion was gone. My drive was gone.

I was seriously considering taking a job for someone else.

While being self employed was at the core of who I was.

I was burnt out.

I no longer felt like this about my business!

Instead I looked sad and like everything was a chore.

Luckily before I threw in the towel, my mentor, friends and counselor encouraged me to "take time off" and explore.

So I did.

After a few months of self care, journaling, and much more I realized it was not the business but me.

I had changed and the way I wanted to help in the world had changed.

Fast forward almost another year of more self exploration and taking control of my life. I had my aha moment.

I was meant to help people get in touch with themselves and become better business owners and leaders.

This package uses not only my personal experience, but my coaching skills, finance skills (I am trained in finance) to help you discover who you are, how your business is doing and the best move for you.

Don't  wait another day being miserable in your business. Click the button below to have a strategy session - let's figure out if you should close your business.

Liesl, @Stylingenergy

Thank you for all of the great direction. I'm really excited to be in the space where I'm genuinely feeling I get to grow to be within my best self. Thanks so much to you.